Teacher PD

Understanding Ancient Australia is a comprehensive PD seminar that has been tailored specifically for secondary history and humanities teachers. It uses Australian archaeology to address the key concepts and critical inquiry questions for the Year 7 Ancient World depth study area Ancient Australia and the brand new HSC Ancient History Stage 6 ‘Ancient Australia’ syllabus.

This session can be presented onsite or via Skype/Zoom.

The session covers:

  • Clarification of important historical and archaeological terms of reference
  • Definition of Ancient Australia
  • Examination of critical points in the Ancient Australia timeline
  • Discussion of significant ancient Indigenous archaeological sites
  • Ideas on how to approach the topic Ancient Australia in the classroom

The session will also answer some important Ancient Australia questions, such as:

  • What is Ancient Australia?
  • Why did people come to Australia?
  • When and where did they arrive?
  • How has the continent changed over time?
  • What effect did fluctuating sea levels and climate changes have on Australia’s first inhabitants?
  • What significant sites can build and enhance understandings about Australia’s ancient past?
  • How does archaeology help us understand the history of Ancient Australia?

If you would like to book an in-school PD session, please submit a query with your contact details and preferred dates and times to archaeology@ancientaustralia.com.au