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Image: © Jon Lewis

Image © Jon Lewis

Alethea is an archaeologist, a teacher and a writer. She works part-time as the Project Officer of the Young Archaeologists’ Program at La Trobe University. In this role, it’s her job to design and deliver archaeology activities that cover history curriculum topics, and to talk to history teachers about everything from bottles to bones.

Since she began working with the Young Archaeologists’ Program in late 2012, she’s had many teachers ask for information – websites, books or anything else useful – that will help them teach the new Australian Curriculum history topic ‘Ancient Australia’. This unit is all about the Indigenous past, and while there are a handful of amazing online activities for kids, there are no comprehensive books devoted to this topic for a high school audience.

Powerful and well-funded bodies such as the Department of Veterans’ Affairs provide a wealth of information and activities for topics like Gallipoli and the Vietnam War, but Ancient Australia – an equally important part of our history – has been sorely neglected.

She intends to change that.